Paul's Bio

Paul Spurlin is the Connections Minister at the Palisades Church of Christ in Birmingham, Alabama. Paul has been involved in Ministry since 1993. He served for 3 years in the United States Navy in the Persian Gulf, he later graduated from Southern Christian University, Paul has a Masters Degree in Ministry from Faulkner University. Paul & his wife Stephanie have two kids, Laney, 11 and Tyler, 5.  Paul is one of the creators of Adventures In Ministry (App, Website, & Conference). Paul serves on the board for AIM, Exposure Youth Camp and the AIM Conference. Paul is also one of the hosts on the weekly "Jon & Paul Show" on YouTube & FB Live. We encourage you to go to AdventuresInMinistry.com and check out all the resources that are available.

Paul's Experience

Paul Spurlin, was born on September 30, 1972 in Cleveland, TN. But lived most of his life in and around Huntsville, Alabama.  His wife, Stephanie, and Paul have been married since July 18, 1998. Stephanie is a graduate from the nursing school at University of North Alabama. They have a daughter Laney who was born on January 7, 2008. They also have a son named Tyler who was born on June 26th, 2014. Stephanie is the daughter of Phillip and Julia Hines, who live in Hartselle, AL. Phillip has been the preacher at the Hartselle Church of Christ in Hartselle, AL for over 38 years. Paul’s mother is Beverly Spurlin, who lives in Hartselle, AL. Paul’s father passed away in April of 2016, after being in ministry for over thirty five-years, died of multiple sclerosis. Paul, Stephanie, and the kids live in Trussville, Alabama and works with the Palisades Church.

For Paul, his first priority is His Family, Stephanie, Laney, & Tyler. Second for Paul is his work with the Palisades Church of Christ in Birmingham, Alabama. But in his spare time he does not play golf, hunt or fish. What Paul does in his spare time is plan and help other groups create, conduct, and host youth events. This has sort of become a passion for Paul. First and foremost is Ministering to the Awesome Kids at University. But then with his extra time he helps to plan events and even in some cases he will consult other congregations on how to get these types of programs started. Paul serves on the Board for Inspire Youth Conference, the Aim Conference,  and Exposure Youth Camp. Another great resource Paul has helped to start and continues to work with is an online resource called "Adventures In Ministry." We call it "AIM." Aim is a website hosted to offer Bible class materials and resources for Teens & Adults. AIM also is a Podcast Network that hosts five different Podcasts through each week. The podcasts covers Youth Ministry, Technology News, Preacher resources, Sports, & Biblical discussions. You can find it at AdventuresInMinistry.com 



UNITED STATES NAVY…………………………......Served 1994-1996
HERITAGE CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY………….....Attended 1999-2000

FAULKNER UNIVERSITY………….............………Graduated with a Masters in Ministry, in 2016 


Palisades Church of Christ, Birmingham, Alabama (2018--Present), University Church of Christ, Montgomery, Alabama (2011-2018), Palisades Church of Christ, Birmingham, Alabama (2010--2011) Decatur Highway Church of Christ, Gardendale, Alabama (2006-2010), Maryville Church of Christ, Maryville, Tennessee (2004-2006), Memorial Parkway Church of Christ, Huntsville, Alabama (2001-2004), Hamilton Church of Christ, Hamilton, Alabama (1999-2001), Neel Church of Christ, Hartselle, Alabama (1998-1999) Paul has also been involved in and worked with the Lads to Leaders Program from 1991 - present. Paul is one of the creators of the Website and App that supports Youth Ministry, entitled AdventuresInMinistry.com 


Over the past 20 years Paul has had the opportunity to speak in University Lectureships, Summer Series, Gospel Meetings, Youth Rallies, Vacation Bible Schools, Family Bible Schools, Christian Camps, andDevotionals throughout the brotherhood on both foreign and domestic soil. He has also written articles and class lessons in a variety of brotherhood materials. Some of the books and magazines are from the Gospel Advocate, Pearls book (published by Lads to Leaders), Kaio (Teen magazine put out by Focus Press), and Get Commit magazine (online paper for Teens), and on AdventuresInMinistry.com